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Here’s How Flipkart Helped This Ex-Lawyer Empower Other Women

| Published on October 5, 2019

It is surprising how the internet is playing a major role these days in changing lives and in changing the world, one day at a time. This isn’t some social media startup story or a story of making money, this is a story of a lady who is shining the light for so many others, all thanks to Flipkart.

Yes, you heard it right. The Indian eCommerce platform which recently sold a stake to Walmart has been a major supporter in supporting Indian women and their very own entrepreneurial ventures.

Here’s how it started!

Aashika Sadh was a lawyer in the city of Mumbai. She worked mainly on cases of women empowerment and dowry as her specialty and field of interest. However, with time, she wanted to do something more.

And guess what? Flipkart was here to save the day. She joined Flipkart as a #selfmade seller and got into the business of manufacturing and selling women’s apparel.

Her venture, Ashtag has been selling on Flipkart for three years now.

Shining the light on others, but how?

Her venture not only allowed Aashika to achieve success for herself but also her employees. She started with an all women crew and sell formal women apparel to ensure every single lady out there feels comfortable and confident at work.

She also believes in doing her part for the society as a whole which is why they now have male employees as well when they diversified into men’s apparel.

Flipkart all the way!

The Growth of the brand has been tremendous online, with the majority of sales coming from Flipkart. It is also a platform that allowed them to diversify not only into men’s apparel but also fashion accessories. Thanks to Flipkart, her goal of empowering women all around the country is being achieved!

Her journey has been amazing and her success is an example for every aspirant female entrepreneur out there!

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