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Here’s How Amazon miniTV Made Brands To Have An Interesting Banter On Social Media For ‘Yeh Meri Family: Season 2’ 

| Published on May 24, 2023

The first season of the family drama series- ‘Yeh Meri Family’ touched the right chords with its engaging storyline, exceptional casting and acting and a fantastic recreation of the 90s era.

With its USP intact, the second season, albeit with a new cast, is also making the right noise this time, making it one of the most anticipated family dramas in recent times.

The best part about this show is its stupendous depiction of the 1990s featuring India battling changes in economic, social and cultural spheres, a widening generational gap, and many such events have been brilliantly factored in the making of this series.

And this time, iconic brands and products of the 1990s too have been referred to time and again. Talk about Phantom Cigarettes, Kaccha Mango Bite, Shaktimaan Show, Wall Clock and Old MTNL Telephone

The element of nostalgia has been utilised in its full potential and this is visible in the show’s poster too. The show strings at the emotional chords of viewers, making them yearn to go back into the era of conversations on the old MTNL Phone and earn a sense of cool by flipping a phantom cigarette in Rajinikanth style.

To create the right noise around the show’s launch, makers Amazon miniTV invited brands to an engaging and interesting banter, upping the buzz quotient around the show.

Here is what the brands had to say:

1. Rasna

2. MDH Spices

3. Parle Candy Culture

4. Mother Dairy

5. Parle-G

6. Philips Home Living India

7. Staedtler

Overall, the first season show was well-received by the audiences. and going by the buzz that it has already created with its poster and trailer launch, and the friendly banter between brands, the second season too is well on its way to becoming a hit.

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