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Here’s Why The Chips Packets Are Filled With So Much Air

| Published on February 5, 2018

Potato chips are one of the most selling packaged snacks in the world. Because of the crispy taste and affordable price potato chips are loved by people from all age-groups. Not only for the taste, chips bags are also famous for the air present in them. Consumers feel bad when they see so much empty space in chips bags but it is actually done for some good reasons also.


The chips bags have so much air because:-

  • The ‘air’ inside chips packets is actually Nitrogen which is less reactive and avoids the chips from going stale. If we add oxygen it will react with the oil of chips giving consumers unpleasant smell and taste. Nitrogen also prevents the growth of harmful bacteria and germs in the packets.
  • The air gives a cushioning effect to the chips so that the chips don’t break. If companies don’t add gases you will receive chips in form of powder in a bag.
  • The air gives the impression of more chips in packets which gives the illusion of getting much more for the money.

According to a report from Eattreat a packet of Lays has 85% nitrogen, Bingo Mad Angles and Uncle Chips packets include 75% nitrogen and Taka Tak, Kurkure are filled with 30% and 20 % nitrogen respectively.

So, don’t feel sad when you see chips bags with so much empty space because it is done for maintaining the crispiness and quality of the chips for a longer time.

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