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Here’s Why Amazon Sometimes Packs Small Items In Huge Boxes

| Published on June 20, 2018

If you have the habit of ordering products from Amazon, you must have received small products in large boxes sometimes. If you wonder why world’s biggest e-commerce company does this, we have the answer for you. In fact, it turns out that Amazon is not doing it due to mistakes or mismanagement but for a valid purpose. A tweet that explains this has gone viral, you can this below:

It is believed that this knowledge was originally shared on a Reddit thread by a former Amazon worker. But as it is only seen on the internet, a lot of people oppose this theory if you consider the multiple vehicles that are used to transport your purchase.


Another Reddit thread has an answer from Amazon worker who says “As someone who works as a shipping manager. This isn’t that uncommon, I’m guessing the person packing the packages just ran out of smaller boxes. I’ve done this before as well, but, that’s when the customer orders flat rate, like ups ground. something where the size really doesn’t matter.”


A fellow packer has confirmed this:

There’s another explanation from a guy that writes code for software that handles measurements at Amazon. He said:

Box size is determined by dimensions of the item, not how it’s going to be packed in the truck.
When you get a giant box for a small item, it’s usually because someone [messed] up when they measured the item, e.g., they measured a pack of six instead of the individual item.
Even the source he quoted doesn’t mention the truck Tetris game, which would be really difficult to handle in software. People do the truck packing, and it happens as you get packages going out.

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Well, you can now conclude why the company does this and there are so many explanations for this. What you think must be the reason behind this? Do let us know in comments.

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