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Here’s How Adidas Is Planning To Promote FIFA World Cup 2018 In India

| Published on June 8, 2018

With only a few days left for the biggest sporting event in the world, Adidas has decided to wake up Indian audience to make them excited about the upcoming Football World Cup which is scheduled to be held in Russia.
The sports brand has an over 40-year association with the tournament and is leveraging digital, outdoor and on-ground activations to connect with fans in main cities of the country including New Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Pune, Chennai, Cochin, and Guwahati.


On talking about the plans of Adidas about this world Amrith Gopinath, brand marketing director, Adidas India said:

“Our FIFA campaign in India is an extension of our global campaign. We have an active fan following of football in India and we want to connect and engage with them,”

Below are some activities Adidas is doing to raise the fan following of football in India during the world cup period:

  • Adidas has installed an interactive billboard in Delhi with a pulley that requires 11 people to pull it and score a goal. It has a caption that reads- “You always need 11 players to make 1 Goal”.
    Also, a 3D version of it can be seen in high traffic locations across different cities. The brand has planned to install a live 2D scoreboard to display the live scores of every game in New Delhi, Mumbai, and Bengaluru.
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  • For being active on the trends of social media, Adidas has partnered with social media platforms such as Facebook, Snapchat, and Instagram where users will be able to create profile pictures with their favourite football players.
  • A ‘Creators Hub’ will be made in Mumbai’s Oberoi Mall and Bengaluru’s Phoenix Market City to create engagement of audience where fans will be allowed to check their dribbling and shooting skills.
  • Football tournaments will be organised in New Delhi, Mumbai and Bengaluru for under 14 and under 16 school children.
  • Apart from these marketing strategies, Adidas originals has also launched the iconic indoor soccer shoe, Samba in India which is being promoted by FIFA 2018 brand ambassador Ranveer Singh.

‘Moment marketing’ works well in sports events and football is a game full of emotions which engages audiences to connect with players and brands involved. It will be interesting to see how Adidas executes its plans during the tournament and how Indians react to it.

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