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Here’s A List of 10 Business Card Design Trends Of 2019

| Published on May 23, 2019

If you are a businessman, an entrepreneur or a creative person. chances are you are already aware of the importance of business cards and its myriad benefits.

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Even if you aren’t aware of it, designing business cards is probably the most cost-effective method to market your business. Through this method, you can promote both your name and your business without investing thousands of dollars. It is a very useful method for all sorts of business, however, small it is.

Let’s go through a few looks which can make your business cards creative and serve great purposes for business:

1. Portrait format

This format gives your card a clean and elegant look. If accompanied with bold and bright text printing the looks are visually more appealing.

This format is very good to leave a long-lasting impression on your customers.

2. Both Side Printed

Though printing on both sides might be costly, but it gives a more professional look.

On the front side, you can use it to promote your brand with an appealing logo and on the other side, you can give important information about you and your brand.

3. Square cuts

In this format, cards look interesting and alluring due to their different cut.

But do not forget, that not all wallet and cardholders support square shape and this fact shouldn’t be forgotten while printing these business cards.

4. The Use Of Creative Art

Creatively designed cards have an extra decorative flair with lots of different styles and the best ones represent a harmonious composition of color and shapes giving an exclusive and stylish look.

This format is best for marketing agencies and any other creative field of work.

5. Plastic Cards

It is the most trending format of 2019, which creates a luxury and elegant impression.

Durability, quality and customer satisfaction along with a lasting impression on the customers, are a few benefits of plastic cards.

6. Branding Tool

Business cards are a tool for promoting your brand.

These business cards are meant to highlight the brand logos and colors and are a reflection of the business.

7. Photos

Business cards with photos are also popular this year.

These cards contain photos of their products and services. The cards look visually stunning with contrasting colors and give a modern look that will certainly impress customers.

8. Rounded Corners

Rounded corners cards are a comeback after it became popular in 2017.

These cards are more appealing as compared to a pointed edge card. These cards actually make your business stand out without distracting customers from the main message.

9. Background Textures

Business cards with background textures are trendy in 2019.

These cards project a powerful brand image and can improve the appeal and feel of the card.

10. Folded Business Cards

Folded Business cards are also tending this year.

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Die cuts and rounded corners in such cards make the card appear visually appealing. These also add a bit of creative touch to the card.

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