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Here Is How Brand Integration Is Acing Jawan’s Marketing Game Plan

| Published on September 9, 2023

A highly anticipated movie from the SRK camp, ‘Jawan’ released on 7th September 2023. The movie starring King Khan, Nayanthara, and Vijay Sethupathi in prominent roles has received a thunderous opening at the Box Office, with fans showering much love on the movie.

Here Is How Brand Integration Is Acing Jawan's Marketing Game Plan

Leveraging stars’ popularity and the anticipation around what is expected to be one of the biggest blockbusters of the year, many brands dived in, making a splash by associating with the movie in various ways.

From brand integration to collaborations, many prominent brands made their presence felt in the movie. From Bisleri to Zee News, many have capitalized on the movie’s pan-India appeal along with a high-riding SRK wave that gripped the nation, especially after Pathaan’s magnanimous success.

1. Bisleri

Bisleri launched a limited-edition ‘Bisleri’s X Jawan’ bottles, that will be distributed across India in all general and modern trade outlets, through more than 70,000 retail outlets and the Bisleri doorstep app.

2. Aaj Tak

India’s first AI anchor, Sana who appears daily on Aaj Tak’s Prime Time and Black and White, engaged in a fun banter with Shah Rukh Khan, delighting audiences.

3. Astral

The brand, has been cleverly integrated into the movie’s metro scene, with Bondtite being spotted easily on the train’s walls.

Astral’s Bondtite adhesives also released a 30-second ad film, announcing its partnership with the movie. The ad film features SRK delivering a dialogue from the film, talking about Bondtite’s strength.

4.Western Digital- San Disk

Another brand that featured in the metro scene of the movie is San Disk, from Western Digital.

Western Digital also announced San Disk as its official storage partner and conducted exciting contests offering five winners the chance to meet SRK in Mumbai or win goodie bags signed by him.

5. Just In Time

Here Is How Brand Integration Is Acing Jawan's Marketing Game Plan

The watch brand hopped on to the Jawan bandwagon becoming its exclusive watch retail partner. As featured in the movie trailer, the brand’s posters are visible in one of the metro scenes from the movie where the actor is wearing a smartwatch too.

6. MAK Lubricants

MAK Lubricants joined Jawan as its official lubricant partner with its tagline – ‘#Jawan har mission ko karta hai haasil. Aur iss safar mein uska saath deta hai #MAKLubricants. Kyunki, MAK Makes it Possible!’

7. Zee News

Here Is How Brand Integration Is Acing Jawan's Marketing Game Plan

Shah Rukh Khan and Zee News came together to promote Jawan using a 30-second promo, that spoke about the movie and also shed light on the news channel show- DNA, hosted by Sourabh Raj Jain

8. Zomato

In an extension to its original and trending ‘Zomato vs Zomaito’ campaign, the food delivery brand Zomato re-released Jawans’ trailer with a funny and delightful twist.

The movie also has Sanya Malhotra donning the Zomato delivery uniform along with other delivery partners in other scenes.

9. TV9

The film also collaborated with TV9 Network and released a promotional video co-promoting TV9 and Jawan.

The promo features SRK referring to a popular dialogue from the movie, and using the same context to show how no one can compete with TV9 when it comes to news.

10. Muthoot FinCorp

To co-promote the movie and its offering the ‘Muthoot FinCorp Udaan GOLD LOAN’, Muthoot FinCorp released an ad film highlighting how the loan option identifies with risk takers just like the character of ‘Jawan’ in the movie.

11. GIVA

Here Is How Brand Integration Is Acing Jawan's Marketing Game Plan

The jewelery brand has been modestly placed in a scene featuring the lead actors exchanging rings.

Subtle brand references

The movie also incorporated the use of brand names in dialogues. For instance, SRK mentions Uber in a dialogue and there are references to brands like Union Bank, SBI, Tata
Trucks, Mahindra cars and Yezdi’s bike Adventure too.

Here Is How Brand Integration Is Acing Jawan's Marketing Game Plan

Along with the above brands, there are visual placements of brands like Asian Paints Royale Glitz and Godrej Security Solutions in the film.

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