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The Most In-Demand Skills In Fastest Growing Industries In India Right Now

| Published on April 11, 2019

Needless to say, India is one of the fastest growing economies in the world. This has led to a number of industries throwing opportunities but sadly for certain in-demand skills only.

According to a report by Linkedin, soft skills have been the most sought after by companies to hire quality talent. Across many different sectors, management and technical skills have been the top priority for employers as well as working professionals.

Here are the fastest growing industries and their in-demand skills:

1. Finance: The backbone of the economy, the finance sector is choosy when it comes to hiring new employees but guess what they are always on a hunt to acquire new talent.

Top Skills: Relationship Manager, Software Engineer, Sales Manager

2. Wellness & Fitness: This sector has brightly evolved over a period of years. With more and more people understanding the benefits of fitness, it has created a bunch of opportunities in the sector.

Top Skills: Software Engineer, Business Development Manager, Distributor

3. Real Estate: The budding and blooming sector of real estate has since forever been the providing work to the needful but did you know they are also always on the hunt for talent in management and technical fields.

Top Skill: Business Development Manager, Sales Executive, Sales Engineer

4. Legal: The legal system is responsible for laying a strong foundation for the country making it the most powerful working sector. Keeping aside the law professionals they are also on the look for someone in the technical field.

Top skills: Legal Associate, Patent Analyst, Parent Associate

5. Entertainment: The beloved sector of the country is always on the look for some soft skill employees because believe it or not it takes a lot to keep a country entertained.

Top skills: Artist, Compositor, 3D Animator

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