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Hawker Tried Selling Pirated Version Of His Own Book To Chetan Bhagat. Netizens Are Having A Laugh

| Published on August 11, 2019

Indian author, Chetan Bhagat best known for his book “The Five Point Someone” recently took to Twitter to share a video that said “When someone tries to sell Chetan Bhagat to Chetan Bhagat”. 

Chetan Bhagat

It so happened that the author who was traveling was approached by a hawker at a signal to sell him books. Not knowing Bhagat, when he was asked if he had any of his books he instantly replied yes and began bargaining with him to sell him his last published book.

In the video curious Bhagat is also seen asking if the “author is any good” and “if it sells” to which the hawker replies “It sells well”. The author is also asking the hawker in the video if his copy is pirated to which the hawker admits that is indeed is a copy made from print online.

Lastly surprising the young hawker, Bhagat finally revealed his identity:

While some people on the internet found the interaction hilarious loved how the author had dealt with it, many also appreciated the fact that he had bought the book from the hawker and supported his effort to earn a living.





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