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Harsh Goenka Slams Swiss Hotel For Notice To Indians At Buffet

| Published on July 28, 2019

It seems like a bad time for Hotel companies as JW Marriott another big name is getting into controversies. Industrialist Harsh Goenka has protested against a hotel in Switzerland for a harsh notice specifically to “guests from India”

In a recent tweet, Harsh shared a picture of the notice saying that he felt “angry, humiliated and wanted to protest” after reading it.

Here’s the tweet:

If you can’t read it properly, here’s the text written in the image:

‘Guests from India’ were asked to refrain from carrying “anything” from the breakfast buffet. “Please do not take anything with you, the food is for breakfast only. If you would like a lunch bag, you can order it from the service stall and pay for it.”

Indian guests were also asked to use the cutlery provided at the table.

Moreover, tourists were directed to not “speak loudly” in the balcony and “be quiet” in the corridor. “In addition to you, there are other guests from all over the world in the hotel. They also appreciate the peace and quiet,” it said. “Thank you very much and enjoy your stay in Gstaad,” Christian Matti signed off the notice after listing the entire set of rules and regulations.

In the tweet, Goenka has slammed the hotel but he has also requested tourists from India to maintain a code of conduct. “But a realisation dawned that we as tourists are loud, rude, not culturally sensitive. With India becoming an international power, our tourists are our best global ambassadors. Let’s work on changing our image,” he added.

Users on Twitter also agreed to his statement. Here are some reactions:






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