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With Godrej #HappyEMIs Campaign, Godrej Properties Gives An Affordable Option To Buy A New Home

| Published on August 17, 2018

All thanks to urbanization, the lifestyle of Indians has seen a drastic change. With the day to day expenditure becoming sky high, buying a home remains a mere dream for many because of the affordability factor.


But not anymore, Godrej Properties Ltd, one of India’s leading real estate brands, has come up a solution to this problem and it definitely is the best available option if you are looking to buy your own home at EMIs.

The scheme for sure has hit the bull’s eye, but also its advertising campaign is garnering rave reviews. An idea is just an idea unless it’s presented well. And this great idea has been presented with a fresh and creative approach.

Campaign Aim

The campaign aims at targeting the younger people, who dream to own a house but want it on easy EMIs. The campaign is derived in such a way that it talks about both the problems and the solutions offered by Godrej Properties.

Why Rs 9999?

Rs 9999/- as an amount seems viable to most of the people today, and is comparable to an amount of buying a new smartphone or paying a monthly house rent. This figure of Rs 9999 resonates with the current standards of living and makes it seem more appealing and affordable for the buyer.

Attracting TG using Print Ads

Banking on the main campaign thought, Godrej Properties reached out to the TG through region-specific prints ads. Prints ads often bring about a lot of value to the campaign and help in generating great views. The ads were presented in a way to make a long-lasting impact which most brands fail to achieve.

Using OOH to Increase Awareness

Outdoor ads on more than 250 unique sites across 4 cities were seen for a time span of 45 days, especially in crowded areas with high footfall. These ads looked completely relevant and helped to increase the awareness of this campaign amongst the target audience. Also, the communication content was wisely chosen in order to attract immediate attention.

Using the Potential of Festivals

Being an Indian brand, Godrej respects and understands the value of festivals in India. Indians being emotionally attached to festivals, plan all their bigger buyings around the same time and harnessing on this fact, the brand did try their best to connect with their audience on festivals like Raksha Bandhan, Teacher’s Day and Janamashtmi.

On Raksha Bandhan, Godrej Properties made WhatsApp Chat videos to showcase the unique bond every brother and sister shares along with presenting a wise decision of buying a better house on EMIs together. Going by the current times, WhatsApp chat videos make a lot of sense as they are easily relatable by the target audience and the brand message gets conveyed in a very effective manner.

Creative Video

Resonating with the current day situations in a family life, Godrej Properties tied up with The Timeliners and came up with a beautiful video that addresses the issue of couple planning on difficulties of raising a child and the expenses. Using a video medium showcases that the brand is n sync with the needs of its customers and knows how to hold the pulse of the TG. Thus it packaged brand messaging in an infotainment manner.


The campaign has also covered other parts of digital marketing, including influencer marketing and content marketing by the means of associating with popular influencers like Sapan Verma, Kritika Khurana, and Nisha Gupta.


Final take

The Godrej #HappyEMIs campaign is a perfect example how brands should plan their Digital marketing strategies as the key to a successful campaign is both understanding the TG’s problems and offering solutions, using mediums that are most relatable to the audience.

In Association with Godrej Properties.

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