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Guy Orders Rs 300 Skin Lotion From Amazon, Gets Rs 19,000 Bose Headphones Instead

| Published on June 12, 2020

We have all had an experience with online shopping that can either be termed a disaster or a blessing. There have been times when while shopping online we received exactly what we ordered for while some other times, it just falls short of a scam.

Twitter is filled with tweets by angry customers who are trying to get their grievances sought. However, a recent tweet by a user has been going viral for what we can say is about a bizarre experience we all wish would happen to us.

Gautam Rege, co-founder, and director of Josh Software said that he ordered a skin lotion through Amazon for Rs 300, but received Bose headphones worth nearly Rs 19,000 instead.

But that is not why we are calling this incident ‘bizarre’. What is strange is that when Gautam contacted Amazon customer care to return the package, he was told to keep the premium headphones as the item is “non-returnable”.”>

Gautam’s tweet has since gone viral and has garnered more than 15k likes. People were quick to find humor in the post and were honestly hoping to buy the same ‘skin cream’ that got him these headphones. While there were many who shared there not so fortunate experience with online shopping.

What is the most ‘bizarre’ experience that you have had with online shopping? Do tell us in the comment section.

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