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Guy Goes Viral For Applying Internship At Cred Using An Innovative Way

| Published on June 7, 2021

Quite recently, a young lad from Mumbai went viral for his internship application at Cred. And how did that happen? Well, we all know that it can get extremely tough to land your dream job or internship and as a result, getting innovative in order to catch the company’s eye is one way to approach it. Avkash Shah, a 3D graphic/motion designer posted a motion video which he created on Linkedin to get attention from the Cred’s hiring team.

In tagging the founder of Cred and the head of the design team, he not just got replies from them but also got hired. And all this happened solely over Linkedin!

His creativity and tact in catching the eye went above and beyond the average job hunter. We all know that it’s the way we are able to get our resume to land the hiring manager’s desk which takes the most effort and this new way of getting noticeable might soon just catch up.

Avkash’s post on Instagram too has gone viral and has gained popularity rather much with famous influencers commenting on the post.

His post on Linkedin too has gotten everyone talking in the comment section.

Twitter has also exploded in awe of Avkash’s internship application.

He’s not just gained popularity on all social media platforms with marketing and publisher sites picking up on his internship application but he’s gotten quite a few jobs and internship offers too should the Cred one not work out. The competition out there is intense and it takes a lot of effort to get noticed if not just land a job, but this new way of getting the attention that you need is soon getting very rife! It’s safe to say that creativity will always get a voice, whichever field be.

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