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Guy Gets Hired By Making A Rap Video For Job Application

| Published on April 25, 2018

Getting a job requires talent and knowledge but having some extra presentation skills can really make the difference. Candidates use different strategies to impress interviewers these days and a copyrighter named Chase Zreet has raised the standards by making a rap music video for a job application.
Chase knew that the competition for this job is tough and he needs to do something creative to stand out from the crowd, so he decided to make this video. He wrote the lyrics himself and rapped about his love for the lemon-lime soda. You can check this video below:

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Interesting, isn’t it? This video has helped him to get the job in Wieden+Kennedy ad agency. Chase told that it was not that easy to make this video and he had to hire a director to shoot the rap and make it look professional. In the video, he has shown himself as The self-proclaimed ‘Don Juan Copy Kong Rhetoric King’ and claims ‘his banners should be criminal, his radio is visual, his pre-rolls never skipped you know.” Also, he made it clear that he is very flexible in working hours as e doesn’t have kids or wife which will make him write him all night if the ad agency wants to.


The best part of the rap is when Chase repeats his request to write for Sprite having 2 bottles of the drink poured over his head. We believe it is a great way to show commitment towards the agency. “We like it when candidates want to be at W+K for a variety of reasons, even beyond our work,” Jimm Lasser, the creative director of the agency told Adweek in a recent talk.

Chase is most probably the first candidate to use such creative video to get attention for getting a job and this trend will be followed by many others ion the same industry as the recruiter can be impressed easily by showing skills with an interesting method like this.

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