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Guy Found R.D. Sharma Pav Bhaji Outlet & Netizens Are Sharing Crazy Jokes On It

| Published on December 25, 2020

The ongoing pandemic has completely transformed the way businesses were operated around the world. Among all the industries, Food & Tourism sectors are the worst hit but with time, companies have started adapting to the new needs.

Do you remember the mathematics book written by Dr. R. D. Sharma? Dr. R. D. Sharma is a Ph.D. in Mathematics and presently he is the Head of Department (Science and Humanities) under the Directorate of Technical Education. What’s making us talk about him is a Twitter user Piyush Sharma who shared a photo of a food outlet that was named after R. D. Sharma.

Have a look at the pic:

Here what Piyush posted along with the picture.

As soon as the tweet was made, netizens started wondering whether theorems would need to be applied in order to get discount or a person would be required to calculate the area or volume of the pav bhaji for knowing the price. These hilarious memes will tickle your funny bone:












A lot of people have lost their jobs due to the pandemic and are trying new professions such as selling vegetables, opening food outlets, etc. but let’s make us clear that this pav bhaji outlet is not owned by the famous author of mathematics books.

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