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Guy Calls Zomato ‘Useless’ On Twitter, Zomato’s Reply Goes Viral

| Published on April 14, 2020

Lockdown has been hitting people really hard and it shows. From trying to keep themselves entertained with various challenges to probably learning to cook, people have been trying to keep themselves as occupied as possible.

And of course, people’s witty side can also be seen through their tweets & posts. Recently, someone posted on Twitter while taking a dig at the food delivery app Zomato. The user joked how his parents think he is as useless as Zomato during the lockdown.

To which, Zomato was definitely not keeping mum. The food delivery giant replied with something wittier.

The funny banter between a user and Zomato soon went viral and people were quick to point out the settle burn to the Twitter User.



The lockdown has surely its downs but if it becomes the only way to keep us alive and safe people tend to find the ups in it. Recently we have been seeing people becoming more & more active on social media. Resulting which, we may be able to keep seeing such funny exchanges between people to keep us entertained.

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