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Guy Advertises Himself On Billboard For Rs 40,000 To Get A Girlfriend

| Published on February 5, 2020

The month of February is not only famous as the shortest month on the calendar but also because it is the month of ‘Love’. A sweet reminder to all singles that Valentine’s day is just around the corner, yet again.

Being single has its pros and cons for sure. Many singles enjoy their ‘Me’ time while some are just trying to get back in the game.

With so many dating apps in the market, finding a date is not that big of a task. But some are just not getting a break. A man in Uk is proving just that with his interesting stunt.

As reported by News18, Mark Rofe paid £425 (Rs 40,000) for a huge billboard in the center of Manchester, UK, to advertise himself as an eligible single.

Mark shared the picture on his Twitter handle with a hilarious yet relatable caption that read, ‘The dating apps weren’t working, so I bought a billboard and set up a website to stand out and try get a date.’

Mark’s little stunt proved to be a hit apparently. He has been receiving a lot of applications for dating him. He shared his appreciation to all the people who supported him in his following tweet.

The post shared on social media got a lot of attention and people could not stop themselves from appreciating the creativity & effort Mark had put in finding himself a date.

Not just the billboard, the 30-year-old has also created a website called ‘Dating Mark’, which has his personal details filled in and the provision for anyone to apply for a date.

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