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Gujarat Man Develops A No-Contact Pani-Puri Vending Machine From Recycled Material

| Published on July 11, 2020

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When the country was put under lockdown in March’20 due to the onset of the coronavirus pandemic, people became more aware of the importance of social distancing. While the lockdown kept us all safe and at bay from the virus, one thing that many people were seen upset about was not being able to enjoy their favorite street foods.

Even after the lockdown has been lifted in most parts of the country, people have become more conscious about the whole social distancing thing. This means that while some may ignore any safety measures and resume their lives like before, many will keep themselves away from any unnecessary contact. This would deprive them of their favorite street foods yet again.

This is also causing a huge economic setback to all the street food vendors. Pani Puri vendors, especially, are have been having a hard time keeping up.

To tackle this situation, a Gujarat man, Bharat Prajapati, has come up with a unique solution. Bharat has developed a ‘Pani Puri Machine’ that is a one-stop solution for every pani puri lover.

A video of the machine in action was posted on Twitter and has taken everyone by awe and has surely bought joy to many. People cannot stop talking about it on the internet.

Bharat is a self-taught machine developer who works as a mobile technician in the Banaskantha district of Gujarat. He was always keen on learning more about machines and electronics and it was his ambition that made him come up with the idea for the machine.

It took Bharat 6 months & cost him around Rs 40,000 to build this unique machine. In terms of features, the machine can be run on battery as well as the power. It is also said to be made entirely by e-waste that was easily available to him.

How this invention becomes mainstream will surely be exciting to watch.

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