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Gucci Launches ‘Pre-Ripped Stockings’ For Rs 14,000 & Internet Is In Disbelief As They Are Now SOLD OUT

| Published on November 6, 2020

Gucci once again surprises netizens with its “pre-ripped tights”

Fashion brands have the habit of surprising people with new trends. In this race of surprising audience, often we get to see some unusual designs which are not digested well by a large portion of people. Italian luxury brand Gucci is known globally for its ultra-luxury apparel, accessories, and shoes. The brand is a must-have for every celebrity worldwide and has become more of a fashion symbol.

The brand, however, is not only known for its insanely expensive products but for some of the most absurd items too.

Adding to the list of absurd products, Italian luxury brand Gucci is back in the news for selling “pre-ripped tights” for $190 or ₹14,167.

The product was shared by Diet Prada, a self-proclaimed observer of the international fashion industry, on their Instagram handle and it’s insane to see Gucci selling something so weird at such a high price. The caption read, “To whoever paid $190 for these @gucci pre-ripped tights… r u ok? #RippedInItaly”

Gucci pre-ripped

People who have actually bought these tights are more insane. Any girl who has owned a pair of stockings in her life is aware that they get ripped themselves almost immediately. A normal pair of stockings cost around Rs 50 and to pay Rs 14,000 for a ripped one just because of a brand should be considered as a call for help.

When netizens saw the advertisement, Twitter and Instagram exploded with posts of disbelief and surprise not just for the product but because of the ‘Sold Out’ written next to it.

Gucci weird design

fashion bizzare

It looks like the designers at Gucci are running out of ideas for new fashion styles and have just started messing around with us. I mean from grass-stained denim, dirty sneakers to ripped stockings, it’s hard to believe that Gucci actually represents luxury.

Who do you know would be crazy enough to buy these stockings once they get re-stocked? Do share your thoughts with us as we need to know if this is the new normal or not.

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