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Grofers CEO Responds To Flak He Received For 10-Minute Delivery Policy

| Published on August 31, 2021

In a recent debacle that involved netizens calling out the CEO of Grofers, Albinder Dhindsa for setting up a policy that seemed unreal, this unrealistic claim was settled by the founder via a tweet. Albinder was getting quite some flak on the internet for a policy that promised the users of the app, the delivery of their groceries within 10 minutes of placing an order. And although this seems quite unreal since it isn’t entirely possible to have your groceries delivered so soon, Albinder answered all netizens on how Grofers is able to achieve the policy.

The concerns of netizens stemmed from the fact that there could be any form of emergency that the delivery partner could encounter and would not be able to fulfil the order. As a result, this form of offering is not quite practical as a method of attracting customers.

Albinder responded to the tweets and flak that the company was receiving with a tweet of his own which explained how the company was able to promise a delivery in 10-minutes to it’s consumers.

The response from Albinder has gotten everyone tweeting about it and it’s refreshing to see his perspective being put in when it comes to delivering groceries in a time frame that is near impossible to have ever expected. Although this does put a lot many other grocery delivery companies at risk and makes the competition a lot tougher, the innovativeness and speed at which Grofers has picked up space is one which is extremely commendable.

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