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Govt. Websites Taken Down After They Redirected Users To Adult Sites

| Published on October 31, 2019

Goa Government recently had to take down two of their official websites after they were alerted about the hyperlinks on the site being redirected to porn portals.

The issue was highlighted by vigilante hacker Elliot Anderson who has in the past flagged security concerns regarding Aadhaar data. Anderson posted about the government sites – the Directorate Of Official Language of the Government Of Goa and the Directorate of Education of Government of Goa and the issue which redirected the users clicking the Aadhaar logo at the bottom of the pages, to a porn website.

Many other users also took to Twitter to share the same issue.

The links were immediately taken down and the state authorities were notified by the National Informatics Centre (NIC), New Delhi.

Ravi Jha, Secretary of the Information Technology department said, “We are investigating how and why these IP addresses redirected visitors to pornographic websites. We will find the root cause within two to three days.”

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