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Govt. Plans To Set Up 20 Lakh ‘Suraksha’ Retail Shops For Essential Products

| Published on April 13, 2020

Indian government is taking all the protective measures to make the citizens of this country safe. According to an ET article, the government is now planning to set 20 lakh retail shops called ‘Suraksha Stores’ across the country. These stores will provide daily essentials to customers while maintaining strict safety norms.

To ensure proper rules are followed, govt will associate with private firms to implement the Suraksha Stores initiative. Each FMCG company might be given 1 or 2 states to execute this plan and enable every store to fight coronavirus.
Govt. Plans To Set Up 20 Lakh 'Suraksha' Retail Shops For Essential Products
Interestingly, ‘Suraksha Store’ will not only be applicable for groceries but also for consumer durables, apparel and salons. Also, each outlet will have to display that it is a ‘Suraksha Store’ to customers and Educational posters about hygiene and safety must be displayed.

Not only this, the Consumer Affairs Ministry is planning to create a ‘Suraksha Circle’ under which manufacturing plants will help their business partners and smaller factories in their vicinity in order to ensure a safe environment across the product supply chain.

Each manufacturing plant is expected to work on 10 SMEs. Coming to the training, an online training certification programme will be created for Suraksha Stores and Suraksha Circle to explain details and process of COVID-19 protocols for the supply of essentials as per the Bureau of Indian Standards

Source: EconomicTimes

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