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2 minutes read

Google’s Home Alone Commercial Is Making Netizens Praise Their Marketing Skills

| Published on February 4, 2019

If you remember the classic Home Alone movie series, your childhood must have been awesome. It was fun watching a little kid hackle those thieves and ditch them with his funny antics. to bring back the nostalgic feeling, Google has come up with an advertisement that’ll surely make you smile. Yes, the search engine giant has made a commercial around this series to promote its Google Assistant and Google Home service.

In the ad, one can clearly see Macaulay Culkin reprise the role of Kevin, along with Joe Pesci. There’s a twist to the whole situation as this time around Kevin is armed with the Google Assistant and Google Home at its disposal. Below you can check out Google’s Home Alone advertisement:

This ‘Home Alone Again’ ad has won the hearts of the social media users all across the world. Netizens can’t stop praising Google for its innovation and creativity, and this is what some of the tweets went like:





Google is certainly picking up its pace in social media content. Recently, Google India’s reply to a guy who asked for a new feature in Google Maps went viral and now this. Maybe we will get to see a new Durex, Amul and Zomato in social media.

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