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Google’s Accelerator Program Selects 20 Promising Indian Startups

Fueling Innovation and Growth in India's Startup Ecosystem

| Published on July 18, 2023

Google has recently announced the selection of 20 Indian startups for its prestigious Google for Startups Accelerator Program. This initiative aims to provide support, resources, and mentorship to promising startups in India, helping them to scale and achieve their growth potential.

Google's Accelerator Program Selects 20 Promising Indian Startups

The startups have been chosen from a competitive pool of over 1050 applications, highlighting the strong entrepreneurial spirit and innovation in India’s startup ecosystem.

Google’s Accelerator program aims to empower 20 Indian startups with the potential of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and generative AI. These startups will join the growing portfolio of 137 Google for Startups Accelerator startups in India, expanding the network of entrepreneurial talent in the country.

To kick-start the program, Google organized a one-week in-person bootcamp in Bengaluru on June 12th. The bootcamp placed a significant emphasis on AI/ML and Generative AI, reflecting Google’s commitment to advancing these cutting-edge technologies.

Google's Accelerator Program Selects 20 Promising Indian Startups

The Google for Startups Accelerator is a highly regarded three-month program that supports Seed to Series A tech startups in India. By providing access to resources, mentorship, and a supportive ecosystem, Google aims to accelerate the growth of these startups and enable them to reach their full potential.

Indian startups across various sectors, utilizing or planning to utilize artificial intelligence or machine learning, were eligible to apply for mentorship and support in areas such as Cloud, UX, android, web, product strategy, and growth, as announced by the company.

To date, the program has successfully helped around 130 startups achieve significant growth milestones.

20 Indian startups for Startups Accelerator Program

Here are the 20 Indian startups that have been chosen for the Google for Startups Accelerator program:

1. Trainman A train ticket booking app that simplifies the process of booking train tickets in India.

2. ActoFit A tech platform offers its own wearables and personalized coaching to alleviate chronic disorders like obesity and diabetes through science-backed biohacks and lifestyle habit formation.

3. AlgoBio Their cloud-based software solution enables accessibility to precise molecular information, fostering improved health, wellness, and innovation.

4. Atsuya Technologies A sustainability-focused deep tech company driving operational excellence in businesses.

5. AyuRythm A personalized digital wellness companion combining modern technology with ancient health science for holistic care.

6. Blend A commerce team’s Copilot: Create captivating product visuals and streamline listings management for Commerce.

7. Cloudphysician A healthcare company providing expert-led solutions for accessible and specialized care.

8. DentalDost Enabling early diagnosis for all smartphone users, addressing first-mile healthcare accessibility by making oral care accessible, reliable, and affordable.

9. Expertia AI A comprehensive AI-driven hiring platform streamlining talent discovery to decision-making, reducing time, cost, and bias by 90%.

10. Filo Instantly connect with the perfect tutor through live video sessions in just 60 seconds – the world’s only app of its kind.

11. KarmaLifeAI Empowering gig and blue-collar workers with subscription-based earnings-linked finance, a fintech platform emerges.

12. Knorish Creating an AI-driven, no-code platform for the creator economy, simplifying knowledge commerce through custom websites and apps for online courses, webinars, and memberships.

13. LimeChat Transforming E-commerce Brands with AI-Driven Conversational Commerce on WhatsApp and Instagram, Enhancing Support, Sales, and Marketing.

14. Mozark Assessing effectiveness throughout all customer experiences using a comprehensive platform that centralizes the entire digital ecosystem.

15. Namaste Business Namaste empowers small businesses to create their own e-commerce app and website in minutes, while also enabling one-click publishing on the Play Store and App Store.

16. Neodocs Creating a smartphone-based platform for instant at-home biomarker testing.

17. Qoruz A content creator-focused professional network utilizing social analytics and automation for efficient brand collaborations and enhanced transparency.

18. Swasthya AI Empowering Healthcare with Advanced Technology for Cancer Research and Personalized Care.

19. Vitra.ai Instantly translate videos, images, podcasts, and text into 75+ languages with a single click using AI.

20. Rooter A sports engagement platform that allows fans to connect, discuss, and engage with their favorite sports teams and events.

20 Startups to Thrive with Google’s Accelerator Program: Mentorship, Resources, and Networking for Growth. Google’s support for Indian startups reflects their confidence in the country’s innovation prowess, fostering an ecosystem that drives overall success and growth.

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