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Google Unveils Revolutionary Generative AI Ad Tools at Marketing Live Event

| Published on May 25, 2023

During the Google Marketing Live event, Google unveiled a diverse range of cutting-edge generative AI tools designed for brands. These tools encompass new ad creation options and the ability to customize Search ads using website text, among other exciting features.

Google is introducing a groundbreaking feature in its ad creation tools, allowing advertisers to generate captivating background visuals for their product shots. This innovative capability offers advertisers numerous opportunities to enhance their content and make it more eye-catching in user feeds.

According to Google, “Our new Product Studio brings the benefits of generative AI to businesses of all sizes, helping them easily create unique and tailored product imagery for free and get more value from the images they already have.”

The newly introduced process empowers brands to effortlessly generate multiple versions of product images by utilizing text prompts. This advancement unlocks a plethora of exciting opportunities for your promotional efforts, providing you with greater flexibility and creative freedom.

In addition to generating new background visuals, this tool offers the ability to remove backgrounds, allowing you to optimize the usage of your visual assets. Furthermore, it has the capability to enhance the quality of small or low-resolution images without the need for reshooting, providing you with greater flexibility and efficiency in your advertising campaigns.

These tools offer valuable functionality that enables brands to effectively and adaptively utilize generative AI functions. While creating entirely new images may not always be necessary, enhancing existing visual assets with generative add-ons proves to be a beneficial use case for brands. This capability makes it easier to create multiple versions of campaigns and conduct A/B testing, allowing for more efficient and effective promotional strategies tailored to showcase specific products.

Over the next few months, Google will be making these new tools accessible to merchants in the US, providing them with the opportunity to leverage the benefits of generative AI for their advertising strategies.

In addition, Google is introducing a new process that simplifies website content summarization and generates ad variations based on the text found on your own site, offering a convenient way to create diverse ads aligned with your website’s messaging.

“Simply add a preferred landing page from your website and Google AI will summarize the page. Then, it will generate relevant and effective keywords, headlines, descriptions, images and other assets for your campaign. You can review and easily edit these suggestions before deploying.”

This innovative approach from Google holds great potential for enhancing ad relevance to specific Search queries. Moreover, Google is introducing a new Search ad creation process that leverages top search trends and the content on your website, further optimizing your ad campaigns to reach your target audience effectively.

“For example, with a search for ‘skin care for dry sensitive skin’, AI can use content from your landing page and existing ads to create a new headline that aligns even more closely with the query, such as ‘Soothe Your Dry, Sensitive Skin’.”

By leveraging the language and content from your website, Google’s new Search ad creation process enables greater personalization and relevance. This approach ensures that your ads align with the specific language you’ve used on your site, ultimately driving more interest and engagement from your target audience.

During the event, Google highlighted its plans to adapt Search ads to align with the evolving landscape of generative search experiences.

“Over the coming months, we’ll experiment with Search and Shopping ads that are directly integrated within the AI-powered snapshot and conversational mode. For example, if someone is searching for ‘outdoor activities to do in Maui’, and narrows the search further to ask about ‘activities for kids’ and ‘surfing’, they may see a fully customized ad for a travel brand promoting surfing lessons for kids.”

The increasing popularity of generative AI responses in the realm of discovery trends poses a significant factor to consider, as it has the potential to impact Google’s core search ads market. To stay competitive, Google recognizes the need to incorporate ad tools into these emerging processes, especially as other companies like Microsoft are also exploring generative search ads on Bing.

Google is streamlining the product feed set-up process by introducing automatic population of a merchant’s product feed with relevant information gathered from their website. Additionally, Google is enhancing the platform by providing new insights that showcase the top-performing products, offering valuable data for merchants to optimize their campaigns effectively.

Google’s latest advancements in ad options embrace the generative AI shift, simplifying the process of reaching the right audience with the right content at the right moment. These developments enable advertisers to align their ads with specific search terms, visuals, and other elements that resonate with the interests of their target audience, resulting in more effective and targeted advertising campaigns.

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