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Google Shopping Goes Live In India. Here’s Everything You Should Know About It

| Published on December 13, 2018

After looking at the way E-commerce is growing in India, Google has finally released its dedicated ‘Shopping’ platform in India. It is very user-friendly and one can search, view and compare products from various online vendors. It is currently live with a huge range of products from different categories.

Below is everything you should know about it:

How to use Google Shopping to buy products?

Google Shopping is mainly the modification of Google Search letting users browse product listings from various marketplaces – just like MySmartPrice for phones. This could be easily accessed by visiting the dedicated Google Shopping marketplace (shopping.google.com) or by searching for a product on Google and hitting the new ‘Shopping’ tab sitting right next to the ‘Maps’ tab.

Google Shopping

How Google Shopping is different from e-commerce platforms?

With Google Shopping, you can find more products at better prices. On the home page itself, Google Shopping provides a list of trending products as well as top deals across different categories. After scrolling down, it shows a range of departments, starting from smartphones to clothing, makeup, and home decor. A customer can choose any category to pick a product, compare its prices, and find the best available deal.

After this, you’ll be redirected to the website or app on the merchant site. After looking at the price and the product, all you need is to pick the payment option the merchant is offering and complete the purchase.

Currently, Google offers listings from several big and small stores, including Flipkart and Amazon India and the company has plans to bring offline retailers onboard as well.

How Google will earn from this?


This will help Google for viewing the right ads to the audience according to the products they see in the Shopping column. Google can easily increase its advertising revenue with this new option.

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