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How ‘Google Shopping’ Can Act As A Game-Changer For Indian E-Commerce World

| Published on December 23, 2018

Digital shopping may now seem like something new to you, but from a business point of view, it is new in India. With a population of 1.2 billion, India is one of the most promising markets in this area. With tech companies spreading throughout and data services being more freely available, online shopping market will keep growing tremendously.

For someone who shops a lot online, it seems to be a tedious task these days. A simple Google search will bring so many websites selling the desired product and similar products, just going through the catalogue presented to you is time-consuming. This is completely contrary to the principals on which the whole online retail market is based upon. But Google is here to change it for you.

Google Shopping

Google recently introduced its own Shopping tab in its search menu. What it means is that the search engine presented you with a dedicated online shopping experience just for you that helps you. No, Google did not make a website where it itself sells products. But in reality, you can search for the product of your desire and compare its quality, price, reviews and offers across multiple retailers online. It is like a shopping extension in the Google search just for you.

How is this going to change the digital shopping experience? Well, this extension provides SME’s to get their brand online and reach a greater scope of customers. Brands that before could not think of putting their products out for online sale due to financial issues can do so easily. And with the growing digital and network coverage in India, the market of consumers is increasing every second. That means more are getting into online shopping and more products are needed. This is the perfect time for small businesses to get themselves a whole variety of customers online.

Google Shopping

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The impact

As we all have already heard before, change is the only constant. And well, a tectonic shift is taking place in the digital retail and marketing ecosystem in India. This is going to force other establish sites to transition with the new change, or extinct out into memory. The digital retail market has been very competitive all this while. But right now, the competition is going to increase in manifolds.

With the launch of an e-commerce aggregator with the wide search and discover potential of Google and its strong user information base, the number of Indians shopping online is going to skyrocket. This is because it is going to tap into the most basic concept of purchasing in the Indian DNA, comparing prices and opting for the best buy.

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