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Google Pixel Takes On Apple With A Hilarious Campaign “Best Phones Forever”

| Published on August 17, 2023

We all have witnessed advertising being used to fuel age-old brand wars that exist between rival companies battling for supremacy. From Mercedes vs BMW, to Coca Cola vs Pepsi, historic brand wars continue to be fought since time immemorial.

Google Pixel Takes On Apple With A Hilarious Campaign "Best Phones Forever"

Turning a new leaf in brand war history are Google and Apple, with a series of ads under the name “Best Phones Forever”, that mock each other albeit in a subtle and friendly manner.

Google released these ads that highlight the features of two phones- Google’s Pixel and Apple’s iPhone 14 Pro, subtly pointing out that iPhones are no match for their latest Pixel smartphones. A friendly banter between the two is keeping viewers hooked.

One of these ads Titled ‘Plateau’ has iPhone complaining that due to being 14 years older, it can no longer keep up with Pixel’s features like AI and 30x zoom camera.

Another one – ‘Seeing Stars’, has these two smartphones star gazing with the iPhone bemoaning about how cool the Pixel is with its astrophotography mode.

The third one Titled ‘Sketchy WiFi’ has Pixel raise an anxious iPhone’s spirits by informing that it has a built-in VPN assuring safety and privacy.

The fourth ad features Pixel using its Qi-based charging, in order to charge a drained iPhone battery.

The fifth one has the iPhone recount Pixel’s features and still find out a new feature of Pixel, of that being a folded phone.

The campaign features two more hilarious ads under this humor-based campaign. One where both the phone address fans and trolls in comments and another one in which the two discuss an interesting topic of Football, that highlights the Pixel’s Live Translate skills.

In every ad, the Pixel is portrayed to be the better phone with better and innovative features, but in a friendly manner, showing two smartphones becoming friends in a parallel universe despite their rivalry.

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