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Google Unveils .ing Web Domains With A Substantial Price Tag

Popular options like and are taken, and other alternatives are expensive, costing thousands monthly.

| Published on November 4, 2023

The digital market is set for a transformation as Google Registry reveals the new domain extension “.ing,” allowing brands and businesses to craft their websites with a single dynamic word. During Google’s early access period, users can secure .ing domains, albeit with an additional one-time fee.

Google Unveils .ing Web Domains

Exploring the Versatility of Google .ing Domains

In a recent blog post, Google emphasized the limitless possibilities of this top-level domain. Whether users are a fun website, to a charitable cause, something beautiful, or an existing document, the .ing domain caters to diverse online pursuits.

Navigating the Early Access Period

The early access period, running until December 5, offers users the chance to register their unique .ing domains. Fees during this period follow a daily schedule, presenting an opportunity for early adopters. Following December 5 at 16:00 UTC, .ing domains will be publicly available at a base annual price through registrars like GoDaddy and 101Domain.


Glimpse into Future Extensions

Beyond .ing, Google is actively developing a .meme top-level domain, as revealed in an August Google Registry post. Currently in a limited registration phase, .meme will open for early access on November 28, with public registration commencing on December 5.

The Impact of .ing on Web Presence

Your chosen web domain holds significance in shaping your online presence. With Google’s introduction of the .ing web domain, users have an opportunity to infuse creativity and individuality into their URLs. The announcement marks a shift in the online landscape, providing users with a fresh and engaging approach to domain selection.

Early Adopters and Impactful Choices

Several businesses have eagerly embraced the .ing web domain, seizing the chance to stand out. Platforms like Canvas, Adobe Acrobat, and Giving Tuesday have strategically incorporated .ing into their URLs, showcasing the versatility and impact of this innovative domain extension.

Financial Considerations for .ing Domains

While the .ing web domains offer a novel approach to online identity, they come with a price. Investigation by The Verge reveals that popular words like can command a hefty registration fee, reaching as high as $129,999.99 per year. As businesses and individuals explore this new domain frontier, the financial aspect adds a layer of consideration to the overall strategy.

In conclusion, Google’s introduction of .ing web domains opens up exciting possibilities for web development, emphasizing creativity and individual expression in the digital realm. As the online community adapts to this innovation, the impact of .ing domains on the web landscape remains to be seen.

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