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Google Employee Left Job to Sell Samosas, Now Earns 50 Lakhs Annually

| Published on July 20, 2019

Getting a job in one of the tech giants has always been considered as a big achievement for all IITians. Landing a job at Google tops it all. It came as shock to many when one of the employees of the IT giant left his job to do something even more unbelievable instead. To sell “Samosas”

Munaf Kapadia got his degree in MBA a few years ago and left the country after a couple of years of working here, and started his stint at Google. However, after working for a few years, the idea of starting his own business struck him and he returned to India.

Munaf left his job at Google to sell samosas and is now the proud owner of The Bohri Kitchen (TBK) in Mumbai.

TBK’s Samosas are a big hit among famous celebrities and five-star hotels in Mumbai. A variety of dishes other than samosas is also sold here such as Nargis kebab, Dabba gosht, and many others. Despite this restaurant is only a year old, it has a turnover of Rs 50 lakh. Munaf wishes to expand and increase the yearly turnover to nearly Rs 5 crore in a few years.

All the food items in the restaurant are somehow contributed by Munaf’s mother. She has always loved watching cooking shows and has been an excellent cook herself. Taking ideas and tips from his mother Munaf decided to open up his own chain of restaurant.

Munaf’s restaurant is so famous among the people of Mumbai that people wait in long queues for their turn. Munaf has been featured in the Forbes Under 30 list and credits his entire success to his mother.

However risky Munaf’s decision might have been, his courage and dedication have made his venture so successful at the end.

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