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Google Duo Apologises After Sending Virat Kohli’s Personal Message To Everyone

| Published on June 3, 2019

Google Duo faces an Oops moment on social media after it sends out a personalised message of Virat Kohli to the users worldwide. 

Skipper Kohli & Duo had apparently intended to send Indian cricket fans a personalised message prepping them for the upcoming ICC madness. The message, however, reached hundreds of users around the globe who were left clueless about why some guy named Virat Kohli was sending them “thank you” messages.


The discussion soon made its way to Reddit as well. 

Social media also saw some hilarious responses from the Indian users as to why the Indian fans didn’t receive any notification. 

But Google soon came out with an explanation and cleared the air by sharing how the message was meant for the Indian users but reached a worldwide audience due to a glitch. The message went as far as Canada, US, Mexico, New Zealand, Japan, and more.

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