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Pros & Cons Of Starting A Business With Friends

| Published on March 20, 2018

Friendship is the most wonderful relation one can have with someone. Running a successful business is a dream for most of the people and it needs the support of many people. A lot of people try to keep their relationships out of their business life but is it necessary to do so? Well, there are pros and cons of everything but, if we can handle both friendship and business with proper balance, it can do wonders because finding trustworthy people is a big problem in the modern world. Let us have a look at the positives and negatives of starting a business with friends.

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Benefits of doing business with friends

1. Understanding


Many startups fail due to the communication gap or fights between their founders. Yes, misunderstandings can occur in friendship too but there is very less chance of that if we compare to doing business with a stranger.

2. Enjoyement

Sucess in business isn’t all about money and fame. Sometimes all we need is a balanced business for enjoying the life in most productive ways. Because of the level of comfort with friends, there is a better chance of reaching heights as one enjoys more with a friend.

3. Positive work environment


For productive business, the working environment is very important. People tend to work more if they have co-workers with a similar mentality. If there is an issue regarding work, it is easy to share it with a known person without any shyness.

Disadvantages of running a business with friends

1. Taking things for granted

The biggest problems that friends face during business is that one is very focused on work and others take it for granted and it becomes difficult for the hard worker to continue this for a long time as business is a team game and similar vision is required towards work.

2. Knowing too much

Yes, knowing too much is a problem. There is a big chance that your friends can take advantage of the things that you are not good at.

3. Having the same circle of people


Most friends know the same circle of people and it can be very challenging to make new connections for business purposes. Also, other friends can make a negative impact on your friendship and business and a big number of people these days don’t like to see someone succeed.

So, what is the result? Well, this question can not have a single answer but we can give some tips that can help you to achieve success while doing a business with friends.

Tips on starting business with friends

1. Clear the main points before starting


Successful partners are very clear about their work and what they want from others. So, try to do the tough conversations before starting anything.

2. Choose the partner for skills


Don’t choose your partner just for the reason of friendship. Your partner should have some skills at which you lack because it will make a good combo to face difficulties in business.

Do you think starting a business with friends is a good idea? Do share your thoughts on this in the comments section.

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