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‘Godrej Locks’ Attempts To Raise Awareness On Home Safety With Its New Videos

| Published on September 4, 2018

With the rise in thefts and robberies, it is natural for us to feel worried about the safety of our homes the moment we step out. Given today’s fast-paced life, we hardly can depend on anyone else for the security of our homes and all thanks to brands like Godrej Locking Solution and Systems, there is some relief and dependability on the technological advancement that they provide.

Not just quality products, but Godrej Locks puts in the equal amount of dedication in developing its advertising campaigns. The campaigns always garner rave reviews, because of the content being relatable and informative. Just recently, Godrej Locks has released a series of 3 videos in order to create awareness amongst Indians about the home safety.

First Video- Home Safety While On Vacation

Vacation is a fun time wherein, no one wants to be bothered about other hassles of the life, yet when we are away from our home for a long duration, the worry of theft and mishappenings occupy our mind and interfere with our peace. Through the video, Godrej Locks shares some amazing and doable tips in order to keep your home safe while you are away for a vacation. suspending your newspaper for the vacation duration is a great tip as piled up newspapers indicate your absence from the house and are an alarming signal for thieves and burglars. Similarly keeping the home lit, or the parking spot occupied are genuine and viable tips. Godrej has also subtly endorsed their brand message with a tip of installing a secure locking system for the house. The video is very relatable and fun to watch. All these simple tips can really help to keep the house safe while being on vacation.

The right way to hire a maid

We all have read and come across cases where a domestic help has been found involved in a house theft and thus it becomes imperative to be sure before you hire someone as a maid or house help. In this second video, Godrej Locks has implied upon certain measures that one can consider before the hiring of a maid. Neighbors recommendation, past employer reference check, and police verification are some of the tips that can help to hire the right person. Here in Godrej has not endorsed any of their products, rather just being the caring brand that they are.

Make your home safe for elderly parents

Emphasising on the safety of senior citizens who live alone, Godrej Locks has tried to touch an emotional chord with this video. Questioning the safety of your house in regards to elderly parents and providing with some simple tips forms the content of this video. Prone to accidents in bathrooms and otherwise, installing anti-skid mats, night lights and also securing the house with a double door locking system, Godrej Locks makes the video very relatable and relevant to the need of the hour.

With such videos, Godrej Locks not only showcases how concerned it is as a brand but also adds value to our lives by offering simple tips to ensure better safety of our homes. Undoubtedly these videos would help Godrej Locks attract the right kind of TG for their brand as well.

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