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#GoCoronaChallange: Meme Chat App Encourages People To Help The Needy In COVID19 Pandemic

| Published on March 24, 2020

COVID19 has been declared a global pandemic with over 3,82,000 cases overall. India alone has reported 500+ cases and the numbers seem to be just going up. Taking into consideration, the Indian government has taken some serious steps and many states have been put under lockdown to control the spread of the virus.

Since Sunday 22 Mar’20, all educational institutes, offices, malls, theatres, and other non-essential activities falling under the lockdown. Only the grocery stores, water & electricity board, hospitals & pharmacies and other essential services will stay open. Following which, People have been self-isolating themselves.

Citizens were seen stocking up on their daily essentials in order to survive this lockdown with minimal contact with the outside world. Some were taking only what they needed while some were seen panic-buying. From groceries, hand wash, sanitizers & masks, the basic necessities where on everyone’s list.

In all this, how many of us thought about the people who may not be able to afford to stock up on the basic necessities and hygiene products? Well, not many!

However, Meme Chat, a responsible firm in the business society of India, was quick to spread awareness and encourage people to be more helpful & kind to people around us who do fall under the category. People who may not be able to take required care of their personal hygiene.

On the 16th of March’20, the app announced a campaign called #GoCoronaChallange. The campaign was an activity where the person has to buy a bar of soap or a mask and give it to a person who cannot afford it. Also, the person has to take his/her picture with the person whom he/she gave the product and upload it in their social media handles as well as tag their friends in this challenge.

What started as a simple thought crossed over 500 submissions on social media. The campaign was able to bring the best out of people and make us understand that the only way to get out of this hardship is if we support one another without discrimination.

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