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GlobalLinker Pays Tribute To SMEs From Meerut In This Cricket World Cup Season

| Published on July 1, 2019

With the 2019 Cricket World Cup grabbing our attention and 27th June being the MSME Day, this is an opportune moment to shine the spotlight on Meerut, a sleepy town that is responsible for the world’s cricket gear and all things cricket related.


GlobalLinker, the business networking platform for SMEs, has come out with a video story to showcase the SMEs from Meerut who are responsible to manufacture most of the cricketing equipment used by the cricketers around the world. The video is an effort to pay homage to the SMEs who work tirelessly to fuel our nation’s love for cricket.

A town that boasts over 1400 SMEs, who are in the business of manufacturing cricket gear. Out of these 1400 SMEs, there are 450 SMEs who specialize only in the manufacture of cricket bats, primarily using one of three kinds of wood: English Willow, Kashmiri Willow and Poplar Willow. These SMEs output is around 200 bats per day, which translates into 72,000 bats in a year.

GlobalLinker, a unique SME enablement ecosystem has onboarded, a significant number of these cricket gear manufacturing SMEs from Meerut on the platform. GlobalLinker focuses on connecting SMEs with each other so that they can enjoy unhindered networking powered by an algorithm based ‘match-making’.

Summi Ghambir, Co-Founder and Chief Experience Officer, GlobalLinker, would be happy to speak to you on why the video was created, some of the challenges that these SMEs face and how GlobalLinker is helping solve them.

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