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What Global Brands Can Learn From Apple’s Falling Popularity In India

| Published on January 21, 2019

Apple has seen a big downfall in its popularity in recent times, especially in India, customers are now looking for new options. We all know that iPhone is the major source of income for Apple and the decrease in its sales are causing the company to rethink about their strategies.

India is becoming a hub for global brands. There are several reasons such as a change in interest areas, the growth of internet among many more. Many companies have hit the right points to tap Indian audience but there are some which are failing now as Indian brands are also picking up the pace and quality of their services.

Today we will try to put some light on the things that led to the downfall of Apple and what global brands can learn from this.

Source: Phonearena

Why Apple is failing?

The price of iPhone is making the public change their opinions. The high price-tag has been a huge factor in its sales. Apple has consistently maintained its premium tag, but aggressive players like One Plus, Samsung, Oppo, Vivo, Redmi, Xiaomi have become far more experimental and creative.

The lesson global brands can learn is the time has come that Indian customers have become aware and one can’t fool them just for the sake of giving a tag.

Innovation factor

No doubt, Apple has a loyal customer base and even that portion of a market is now looking to change. Curiosity is what makes people buy things and Apple is lacking that at the moment. Global brands need to have a more emotional connection with customers and must be ready to adopt changes according to the market.

Lacking customer interaction

Brands are becoming super active on digital media. Social media platforms are helping them to interact with their target audience directly and Apple on the other hands seems silent and isn’t trying to approach customers.

In short, there is no option for global brands if they don’t want to change according to Indian audience and their habits. The brand which does that will remain in the market and others will slowly feel the heat of competition.

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