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Glassdoor Reveals List Of Top Companies To Work In 2024

| Published on January 15, 2024

Glassdoor list of top companies in the world to work fin 2024
logos of Glassdoor, Deltek, Bain & Company

Glassdoor is a platform that helps employees know a lot about the company culture and salaries that the wannabe employees are looking to work in specific roles. The job review site has been serving people for years and is considered trustworthy in the industry.

New logo of Glassdoor

Every year, Glassdoor releases lists of top companies where people would prefer to work in. Similarly, for 2024, the platform has released the 16th annual list of Best Places to Work. This year, there are some interesting shifts that the industry has observed.

The 2024 list has companies from a wide range of industries including Technology, Real Estate, Finance, Retail, Consulting, and more.
Here are some interesting insights from the list:

-This year, there are 31 Tech companies in the top 100.
-Consultancy firm Bain & Company has been stated as the best place to work in 2024.
-Here are the top ten U.S. large companies’ names from the list of 100 companies revealed by Glassdoor.

Bain & Company

1. Bain & Company
3. ServiceNow
4. MathWorks
5. Procore Technologies
6. In-N-Out Burger
7. VMware
8. Deltek
9. 2020 Companies
10. Fidelity Investments

Similarly, below is the Glassdoor list of top 10 small & medium companies in U.S.

1. Whatnot
2. WebBank
3. Axios HQ
4. Events.com
5. Notion Labs
6. NetWorth Realty
7. MarginEdge
8. Tradehome Shoes
9. Chameleon Collective
10. GVEC

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