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Girl Wrote Google Asking To Give Her Dad A Day Off- Google’s Reply Won Our Hearts

| Published on February 10, 2019

Google is a multinational giant of providing internet-related services such as cloud computing, search engine, online advertising technologies, software, and hardware. Google along with Apple, Amazon, and Facebook, are some of the world’s topmost tech-influential companies

Have you ever thought the reason behind these companies ruling the market?

Unlike most multinational co-operations, where the employees are referred to as ‘Human Resource’, Google aims at conservation of its resource. The proverb “You get what you give” stands at the pinnacle for Google. This small incident will answer everything in real –

What actually happened?

A cute little daughter of an employee working at Google decided to write to Google, asking to cut him some slack with his work schedule. She wrote the letter with crayon, which made Google admire the cuteness of the girl and her concern about her father. In the letter, she pleaded Google to manage a day off in the week, like Wednesday, because he only gets a day off on Saturday.

Girl Wrote Google Asking To Give Her Dad A Day Off- Google's Reply Won Our Hearts

The little girl made us all go ‘Aww’ as she wrote about it was his daddy’s birthday as well as it was summers.

Google’s Heart-warming reply.

To this, Google wrote back to the cute little girl, not only complementing her dad on his hard work but also gave him a bonus week off.

Girl Wrote Google Asking To Give Her Dad A Day Off- Google's Reply Won Our Hearts

Maybe the crayon did the magic or the final nudge was because it was her daddy’s birthday. But Google has always been a very supportive entity for its employees. It is the emotional connect that Google maintains with each of its employees, that makes them work for Google in a more effective and efficient manner.

Maybe this act of caring seems simple in nature, but it is, in itself, a huge sign of humbleness that earns esteem for the company.

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