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Girl Was Using Her Ex’s Account For 2 Months Without Being Caught. Netflix Praises

| Published on May 31, 2020

We have all been guilty of using a Netflix account that ideally belongs to a friend of a friend of a friend. But as soon as the rightful owner of the account notices several account names, he/she is quick to change the password and block all hoarders once and for all. Even Netflix has been issuing new policies to limit password-sharing amongst people more than what is allowed.

Recently, a story about a genius woman has been making rounds. Apparently, a woman has been using her ex’s Netflix account for two months by hiding her account name has ‘Settings’. She even went to the trouble to put up a picture to give the account a more believable look.

On Wednesday, Twitter user ‘@yellowgengar2’ took to the microblogging platform to explain how his brother’s ex-girlfriend managed to steal Netflix from them by disguising her account name as “Settings”.

While sharing a photo of the Netflix landing page where an account named “Settings” and showing a buffering icon sits next to an account for “Nomar”, he wrote, “My brother’s ex had been stealing our Netflix for the past two months now by disguising her account as ‘settings’ and honestly I ain’t even mad. I’m just really disappointed in myself for actually believing that an account named “settings” would legitimately be Netflix settings.”

The tweet soon went viral and people were praising the girl’s wit to come up with such an idea. Netflix itself couldn’t stop itself from praising the girl and with just one simple word they said what we all truly feel.

Nevertheless, the girl has earned all our respect for getting away with this for almost 2 months. What do you think? Do let us know in the comment section below.

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