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2 minutes read

Girl Wanted To have Unlimited McDonald’s Fries, McDonald’s Responded Perfectly

| Published on January 20, 2018

These days most of the brands are very active to fulfill the wishes of their customers. Succesful companies know the value of every single customer that they have. McDonald’s did something very special for fulfilling a wish of one of their customer who loved eating the McDonald’s fries.


McDonald’s was running their special offers for Christmas when a girl expressed her love for MCD’s fries by asking the company for its unlimited supply for a week on a Facebook post. McDonald’s was quick to reply and asked the girl to have a chat regarding this. The company invited her to the nearest store to fulfill her wish.
To make it more interactive, McDonald’s staff asked some questions about the brand and gifted her and her friends with an amazing lovely hamper from McDonald’s that had toys and goodies. Watch the full video that McDonald’s India shared on their official Facebook account.

This is a good way to market the food chain as the girl and her friends will never forget this and will also share the story with many others. In this age of competition, companies still need to know that customer is still the king and if they want to succeed, they should never ignore common people.

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