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Girl Starts Working At 11 At Her Father’s Dairy Farm & Now Earns Rs 6 Lakhs A Month

| Published on January 22, 2021

A 21-year-old, Shraddha Dhawan from a Nighoj village which is located about 60 km from Ahmednagar, is giving us all inspiration goals with her sheer hard work and success.

In the year 1998, due to some hardships, her family was left with only one buffalo out of the 6 they had. Since her father was differently-abled, he mostly traded buffalos since going around on a bike to sell milk was a difficult task for him.

Starting At A Young Age

It was in 2011 when Shraddha was just 11 years old that she started milking the buffalos and then selling the milk on her bike. In an interview, Sharddha shared, “My father could not ride a bike. My brother was too young to take on any responsibilities. So I took on the role at the age of 11, although I found it quite strange, and even unique because no girl in our village had undertaken such a role before.”

At a very young age, Shraddha had learned to manage her education with the crucial responsibility bestowed upon her on her father. As it turns out, nothing goes in vain. Her hard work did pay off and her family is enjoying the results of her struggle.

The Road To Success

As reported by Better India, Shraddha currently runs her father’s business from a two-story building and owns over 80 buffaloes. The cattle-shed is so huge that it is known to be the first of its kind in the entire district. Mainly because a woman runs it now. Her family’s financial situation has since improved as well and they earn Rs 6 lakh a month.

The dairy business had grown since people believed in the quality of milk delivered by the family. Shraddha shared that her family only feeds organic fodder to their animals, which is sourced from neighboring farms. The cattle shed is cleaned twice a day, and all animals undergo regular health checks.

Since they now have 80 buffaloes on their farm, the family is selling about 450 liters of milk a day. Due to the increase in the number of cattle, in 2019, they constructed a second floor to house the animals.

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