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2 minutes read

Girl Making Rotis & Smiling Innocently Becomes An Overnight Sensation

| Published on June 7, 2021

We’ve all witnessed overnight sensations with Priya Prakash Warrier’s wink and Jiah Ali, the Pakistani chaiwala who got famous for the colour of his eyes. So much so that the interviews conducted with them after becoming a sensation show how their lives took a 360-degree turn and have defined the way they live now. These overnight sensations take the internet by storm and become viral in no time. There isn’t any algorithm that decides it and it’s only a matter of chance that creates this ripple amongst the audience.

In the most recent turn of events, a video of a girl making rotis while smiling innocently at the screen, dressed in a pink salwar kameez and sitting in an outdoor setting has caught everyone’s eye.

While her location or name isn’t mentioned anywhere in the post, an Instagram handle by the username ‘ekiya5’ posts several videos and images of her smiling face.

The account already has 103k followers so far!

With everyone complimenting her for her smile, the post has garnered a lot of attention already.

The love has been pouring in for her innocent smile and we’re waiting to see what happens next and where does this viral video take her!

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