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Girl Earns Around 10/Lakh A Month Via Instagram & Blogging

| Published on December 14, 2019

They say, “Do what you love and money will follow.” A lot of people have proven it right. One of them is Ashana Shroff. She was a pre-school teacher at Eurokids but she couldn’t love the job and never really enjoyed it.

Today, Ashana Shroff is one of the huge names among beauty and fashion bloggers and earns around 5-10 Lakhs monthly via her blog The Snob Journal. On her Instagram handle, she has 551,000 followers.
aashna shroff

Aashna’s Struggles

Ashna’s childhood has been tough. Before she even opened her eyes to the world, her mother got divorced. Her mother raised her alone working extra hours out there. She was even managing her own mother and sister, as well. Seeing all this while growing up, Ashana developed a sense of responsibility inside her.

There was a time the family had only Rs.1500 and no opportunity standing afront that could be a support. Becoming self-sufficient has always been one of her biggest goals in life.

Aashna’s Journey

Ashana was always interested in the field of fashion but it took some time to realize it fully. Even in the days of pre-school, she used to think a lot about her day’s outfit.
aashna shroff
One day, an idea came to her mind and she created a Facebook page and named it Snob Shop. She wanted to run an online store. She set it up properly and imported apparels as well as accessories from China and sold things via her Facebook page.

The growth was slow until she wore the outfits herself, took pictures and started uploading them on the page. A rush of good and appreciative comments flooded on her page.

After running the blog for around 6 months and noticing that it wasn’t giving her much profit, her mom suggested her to concentrate on the store rather than the blog. This led to a big argument but she didn’t close down her blog and soon, the followers began and she succeeded there, too.

She believes that hard work and dedication are big things. If you’re consistent, you win.

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