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Girl Complained Amazon For Not Getting A Sanam, Amazon Gave A Savage Reply

| Published on April 22, 2018

Brands these days handle customer requests in very interactive ways on social media. They know that their replies make a huge impact on the brand image. Twitter is a great platform for people to review products and services companies provide and an Indian female tried trolling Amazon India with a complain but the way Amazon replied is something very funny and creative.

Girl Complained Amazon For Not Getting A Sanam, Amazon Gave A Savage Reply

A Twitterati with handle @Sassy_Soul_ tweeted to Amazon and wrote: “Hi @amazonIN, you call yourself the biggest e-commerce website in the world, but even after browsing for hours, I can’t find what I need.”

This may have confused the person who handles Amazonhelp account but the reply was upto the mark. Amazon replied: “We’re actively working towards understanding the needs of our customers and plan to expand our listings. Could you let us know the product that you’re looking for on our website?”

This didn’t stop here and the girl tried to continue trolling and wrote: “Bas ek sanam chahiye aashiqui ke liye..”

The next reply from Amazon is winning hearts of people all over the internet. Amazon continued the funny conversation with a bang and replied: “Yeh akkha India jaanta hai, hum tumpe marta hai,

Dil kya cheez hai janam apni jaan tere naam karta hai 🎼😉”

Twitter was quick to recognize this convo and the e-commerce giant has definitely made some new fans. Check out some of the replies from Twitter users.

C’mon Flipkart, entertain us

Jb insaan single ho aur samne beautiful girl ho toh ghanta farak na pdta job jayegi

Admin should get a raise for this

Product Available Hai

Yahi koi ladka Bola hota to…

And Amazon came back with a savage reply again.

This shows that using social media networks in an interactive way brings new fans which can be converted into customers in the future.

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