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Getting Candid With MissMalini | #HeSaidSheSaid | EP 01

| Published on October 18, 2023

Malini Agarwal’s journey as an entrepreneur is a perfect example of how one can achieve success by turning passion into a profession by learning the required skills with dedication and adding authenticity to the work.

She shared some valuable career lessons and her journey from scripting love line questions and answers for VJ Nikhil Chinappa at MTV India to achieving success as an entrepreneur with MissMalini on the first episode of #HeSaidSheSaid.


During the candid conversation with the host, Muskan Behune, Malini shared the benefits of time management as an entrepreneur and how her whole schedule is planned on Google Calendar.

She acknowledged the benefits of having a support system of friends to achieve professional heights. Friends will always have your back and will tell you the truth, and that’s the only voice that should really matter because there will be tons of people who will love your content, and enough people who’ll troll you one day, but at the end of the day, its your friends and loved ones who are actually there for you during the tough days,she said this in the interview.

Malini also spoke about her social media usage pattern. We wanted to know if social media ever gets overwhelming for her because she has to be on her phone all the time. She said, it’s not that social media or the platform is overwhelming; things that happen on it can be, or you’re getting too much FOMO that people are doing things without you, so I think it’s really important to have that balance, and I’m someone who’s on my phone 24*7.

When asked how the team at MissMalini checks the accuracy of Bollywood gossip, she shared that being authentic is their key focus. To maintain that, she shared a simple rule that the team follows: to only create content that they’d say to someone’s face. This authenticity guides the whole team and makes things simpler, even if it means challenging conventional gossip and celebrity blogging norms.

Malini has also shared some insider Bollywood gossip with us which you’ll find out when you watch the episode, so don’t miss out.

The first episode of our chat show ‘He Said, She Said’ ft. Malini Agarwal teaches us the power of hard work and staying true to oneself. Watch out how Malini reminds us to be real, empathetic, and present, leading to an extraordinary life.

There’s a lot more in the episode. Don’t forget to watch the complete episode below:

Don’t forget to watch all the episodes of our chat show ‘He Said, She Said’ where you will get to see the human side of entrepreneurs through some candid conversations.

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