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2 minutes read

Get Paid $1000 For Ditching Starbucks For A Month

| Published on September 26, 2019

Love Coffee? Ditch the premium and opt for the regular coffee shops now and win $1000! 

With premium coffee chains such as Starbucks, Tim Horton’s and others allowing less to no room for the local coffee shops to make business, an American consulting firm, has announced a giveaway of $1000 to anyone who is willing to ditch their daily doze of caffeine at these premium coffee chains and instead buy coffee at only local establishments for a month and later share their experiences online. is looking for “self-professed Starbucks junkies” who will be tasked with visiting at least eight local coffee shops in a month, where they will track “important elements of their experiences such as cost, quality, customer service, and average wait time” on their social media networks.

The objective is to get people to drink more coffee in local shops and to support the local economy.

The $1,000 will be distributed in two installments – the first 25% will be paid in advance which one can use to subsidize these coffees, and the remaining amount will be cleared by the end of the month. 

It is only applicable for those eligible to work in the United States and incase you’re one of them you can visit their official website and fill in the questionnaire with demographic location and reasons as to why you would be the ideal candidate.

Applications close on September 30.

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