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10 Funny Indian Taglines Are Way Too Much To Forget!

| Published on August 2, 2017

10 Funny Indian Taglines Are Way Too Much To Forget! (1)

We see many adverts on television. We might like them or not but some taglines are too funny to forget. But that’s not easy! A company pays a huge amount of money to select a perfect tagline for their products. And while that is talked about and goes viral, the company is successful.

Let’s look at few of the funny Indian tagline that is awkward but are examples of great market strategists used by the brands:

1. Colgate

Kya Aapke Toothpaste Mai Namak Hai? – is the most iconic question that went viral. Must be irritating but yet very catchy one by Colgate.

2. Slice

More than Katrina’s body language what became more famous was this witty tagline by the brand for the mango drink- Aamsutra!

3. Tata Sky

Well, who can forget- Isko Laga Dala To Life Jhingalala? As soon as you hear the word jhingalala you wonder like what and how and which way can you make your life jhingalala? Isn’t that innovative enough!

4. Close Up

Maybe this tagline is no more used but it’s still fresh in our mind. Such questions like ‘Kya aap Close Up kart hai’ with a funny voice over and act made it more famous.

5. Nirma

This one needs no introduction. Hema, Rekha, Jaya and Sushma are hugely popular till date and their love for Nirma.

6. Kurkure

How many times have you used this tagline – Tedha hai par mera hai? Millions of times might be! We wonder what would have let Kurkure think of this tagline!

7. Hero Motors

This song can never be forgotten. Actually more like an anthem ‘Hum mai hain hero!’

8. Amul Macho

This is the most hilarious of all. Then, now and forever this ad and tagline will remain the funniest and hilarious one. Remember ‘Ye toh bada toing hai!’

9. Alpenliebe

It’s not a candy ad as it seems but a cheesy one with the line ‘Jee lalchaye raha na jaye’!

10. Garnier

The most irritating one indeed but yet something not to forget. Every time the ad ends they say ‘Take care! Garnier‘ Faces and concepts and products change but the tagline is intact!

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