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From Selling Off Their Flat To 10,000 Orders A Day, Inspiring Journey Of ‘Samosa Singh’

| Published on February 5, 2020

Have you ever even imagined how a common snack that you eat during weekends could be a part of a huge business empire? Well, Yes, it had happened. Samosas are here to rule the world.

Who is ruling and why?

Nidhi and Shikhar Singh, a husband-wife duo decided to modernize the famous Indian snack by launching their innovative take on Samosas, a food start-up called Samosa Singh. Dedicated to launch their empire, Samosa Singh happened after the couple sold their own flat in April 2016, only after living in it for one single day. As students of biotechnology, their experiences showed them the lack of Indian snack-based fast food joints in the country, pushing them to launch their venture.

Innovation in Samosa, How?

Samosa Singh has two entrepreneurs behind it, Nidhi who has always been a marketing and sales enthusiast along with Shikhar, the brains behind the idea. The food kiosk wanted to prioritize on hygiene but also look at innovation. Samosa King fries their Samosas but engineered the structure and design to have lower fat and oil content.

Multiple flavours right from Aloo to Chocolate, a different dough combination and a well-shaped crust, Samosa Singh has variety and safety. The couple themselves did the R&D, managed the first shop as the chef and serving staff along with marketing to corporates.

The expansion journey?

From bulk corporate orders to tie-up with clients like Café coffee day and INOX, Samosa Singh established their presence. With their own small kiosks, they left the cost of setting their own outlets. ‘Samosa Fests’ were organized in corporate buildings and now, the company has more than 10,000 orders per day.

Samosa Singh now has a revenue rate of Rs 5 crore and has big names investing in the business. With plans to expand beyond Bangalore to Hyderabad and Pune, this is only the start for the Singh’s.

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