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From Rs. 5000 To Rs. 2 Crores In Revenue, Tute Consult Has Come A Long Way!

| Published on July 13, 2020

Can you believe that a Rs. 2 crore venture erupted from a conversation and ideas written on a handkerchief? This is the story of Tute Consult’s owner, Komal Lath. Her eureka moment came easy, and a set of challenges followed after that!

What is her success story?

The road to success wasn’t that easy. Komal changed five trains in the same day, and tried to save as much as possible. But her hard work paid off as Tute started off as an advertising agency. It has now become a Marketing Communications hub, and provides amazing experience for all virtual, as well as on-site clients.

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The entrepreneurial bug

Tute Consult started off in the year 2010 with just Rs. 5000. By creating plans that were meant for the future, it was easy to gain popularity back in the day. They delved into the brand to explore its identity in depth and managed to give it a face that is now recognized by many!

‘Catwalk’ was it’s first clients! ESBEDA followed with 15 other connections. In today’s times, the company works with clients like Pixi, Red Bull, WOW Skin Science, Ajmal, CaratLane and Metro Shoes, to name a few. By using the media angle for things, Komal has been able to merge her resources and cater to a bigger audience in comparison to before.

How is being a Woman Entrepreneur challenging?

Komal claims that being in a woman boss definitively came with its pros and cons. She was once asked to call her boss to show a presentation when her team was ready. Learning from the humiliations and drawbacks, she has definitely come across a long way. Now, Komal tries to pave a way for other women to make their mark without facing what she did.

What can you learn from this story?

Source: YourStory

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