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From Rs 35,000 Investment To Rs 10 Crores Valuation, The Story Of Rachna Bawa

| Published on September 18, 2019

Want to be an entrepreneur? Want to start your own? Want to know which is the best idea for your start-up? The answer is your passion. Your passion is the best idea for your start-up!

Often people search the web, hunting for creative and unique ideas for a startup. While some of them successfully build an empire, the others forget that the most successful start-ups were a result of the founder’s passion on which he/she refused to give up.

Something similar is the story of Rachna Bawa, an entrepreneur who started with an investment of ₹35,000 and built a ₹10 crore business. And this was only possible because of her love and passion for fashion.

Let us know Rachna Bawa and the journey of her start-up from origin to what it is today.

About Anaya Collections

Anaya Collections was founded by Rachna Bawa and was a result of an investment of ₹35,000 from her savings. The start-up is one of the most successful start-ups in the field of fashion. It is famous for its scarves made out of silk and pashmina.

Anaya Collections that values more than ₹10 crore currently is at the zenith in the fashion industry and employs around 100 people.

How it all started?

Rachna went on to do a course in Computer-Aided Design (CAD) from the National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT) and joined an export house in New Delhi soon after.

She made wonders in her export house job. Once, the company was participating in a show, and her boss couldn’t quite get the stall design right. She came to their rescue and they won an award for the best design.

She wanted a change!

In about four to five years she was craving for a change from her this regular job in export house. Rachna moved to a small setup that dealt in scarves and stoles. Just after that, she thought it was just the right time for her to start from the fresh.

Anaya Collections was started in a PG Room. She bought some fabric and got a few karigars to embellish her designs with fine embroidery and other intricate work. Her bed box would serve as the storage space for her fabrics.

The list of achievements!

Rachna remembers designing a customized scarf for Mrs. Vijayaraje Scindia (of the Gwalior royal family).

Today, Anaya Collection is present in the United Kingdom, Europe, Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, and China, besides Canada and the United States as well, with a 100 percent export-oriented design studio selling to big brands and department stores all over the world.

From ₹35,000, Anaya Collection has now grown into a ₹10 crore company and has no intention to pause, let alone stop!

Final words.

Rachna says that she has always aspired to make it big in the world of fashion. And well with her passion, determination and hard work, she has certainly achieved that. She is truly an inspiration to all of us and is an ardent believer of ‘if you have the will you can achieve anything in life’.

The backbone support

None of us can make such a long journey alone, everyone needs a support. Rachna’s husband also works along with her and handles the marketing side of the business. Not only that, when her younger son was only 12 days old, she had to travel for an exhibition. Balancing her personal and professional was not easy for her but her family made sure she had unwavering support at every step of the journey.

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